GaneshSpace helps people who feel overwhelmed by the injustices in the world. We provide mindfulness education to create personal and collective change. By recognizing that every person experiences marginalization and privilege differently, we offer a diverse range of classes and support spaces to help navigate issues of race, gender, body and sexuality.


We are a community of mindful changemakers who believe that our personal actions can lead to collective liberation for all — regardless of our race, gender identities, who we love or the shape of our bodies.


From compassionate conversations to pujas, join us in an upcoming community gathering to reflect on social justice. Our gatherings are always rooted in mindfulness, letting this powerful tool be a vehicle for internal and external change. All our community offerings are donation-based for accessibility.


Heal Yourself and Heal the World

Our membership is where mindfulness meets activism — and where you can build authentic connections with other compassionate changemakers. We offer resources on allyship , and offer a wide range of mindfulness practices to serve your individual — and our collective — healing.



A guided 6-week immersion program to create space for your personal discovery, self exploration, and awareness-generating conversations around mindfulness and identity. If you’re feeling called to jumpstart your understanding of your role in oppressive systems, and the way you care for yourself and others through mindfulness, this program will support you in doing so.


We’re dismantling oppressive systems by changing the way we work. Companies, organizations and leaders like you want to see lasting, systemic change for marginalized communities and bothered individuals – starting with their internal workplace culture.

Don’t know where to start? Our workplace programming is crafted with the intention of creating a workplace that addresses systemic challenges head on so your team can walk away with ways to make lasting change.


What people are saying

Dalia Kinsey (Nonbinary|No Pronouns)
Dalia Kinsey (Nonbinary|No Pronouns) Atlanta, GA
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Finding safe spaces as a genderfluid, pansexual, Black, 1/2 1st gen kid has always been a challenge for me. This is one of the few places where I am confident my humanity will never be questioned. In this space, I know that my identities that are marginalized elsewhere are accepted and embraced. I pray that one day people who share my identities will feel safe everywhere they go, but until then I am so grateful to have access to a healing space where I can relax and detangle myself from internalized stigma, open my heart, and recover from the stress of systemic oppression.
Steven W. (he/him)
Steven W. (he/him) Mindful Sights | NYC
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What is there not to love about GaneshSpace? Kim and many others have built a beautiful space that is absolutely a joy to be a part of - both as a community member and collaborator. Their community-first, inclusive space gracefully honors ancestral wellness practices, and their community outreach and events offer essential education and liberation for the greater collective. Go check them out - you will be delightfully pleased
Nancy L. (she/her)
Nancy L. (she/her)Pittsburgh, PA
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I turned to GaneshSpace after the murder of George Floyd. I had this urge to learn to educate myself and that was the beginning for me. And it made me start thinking and I've had new ideas and thinking about in terms of white supremacy and white privilege that I was not before. Like, I'm really thinking about it. I always thought about it — in terms of the extreme — but now, I've been thinking about it just in every day life and how it manifests.
Jen S. (she/her)
Jen S. (she/her)NYC
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I feel more aware of certain things. GaneshSpace has helped me articulate things, to feel more informed. What's most unique are the diverse range of voices — other spaces tend to have just one focus but all of the GaneshSpace events provide different viewpoints and bring different communities together — and not just like-minded people. So that people can hear what others' lived experiences are and so you can get out of your little bubble. It's wonderful to see. It's a great service.
Daniel Sannito (they/them/theirs)
Daniel Sannito (they/them/theirs)TransYoga Project | Charlotte, NC
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Being a part of GaneshSpace as a teacher, collaborator, and community member has been inspiring and healing beyond words. With so much uncertainty, confusion, and grief in the world over the last year and a half specifically, finding an aligned place to connect to was a saving grace. What I found when in Ganeshspace was, and is, a place to land that I could rest and reset in an environment where I felt and still feel, seen, heard, uplifted, and supported. Here, I’m reminded that my voice is valuable, that I am worthy of access to healing practices, and that in community we can create lasting changes to support all beings, everywhere.
Rebby Kern (they/them)
Rebby Kern (they/them)TransYoga Project | Charlotte, NC
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GaneshSpace has given me space to connect to community through mindfulness and reflection. It’s rare to find community online where I know my whole self will be seen and celebrated. This is a new place I can call home and get uplifted by folks who align to my truest self.
Elia Johnson. (she/her)
Elia Johnson. (she/her)NYC
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I think that the intention behind GaneshSpace is unique. Intentionality is important. The people who are teaching and facilitating are authentic in a way that I think sometimes gets lost in the wellness world. GaneshSpace has made me realize that there are more people that are interested and dedicated to the things that I have been contemplating and thinking about for a very long time.
Gloria Shin (she/her)
Gloria Shin (she/her) Seattle, WA
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Being a part of this community has helped me focus on my own liberation through reflection, meditation, and sangha — recognizing how capitalism and forms of oppression sit in my body and how to breathe through it. My increase in self/body awareness has helped me show up differently for my community, and I so value the steady nutriments I receive from being a part of GaneshSpace!


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