GaneshSpace is a 501c3 community organization dedicated to creating an equitable world where personal action leads to collective liberation through mindfulness education. By recognizing that every person experiences marginalization and privilege differently, we offer a diverse range of classes, support spaces and resources to help navigate issues around race, gender, sexuality and the body.


Kim Thai (she/her) founded GaneshSpace in 2018 with the intention of creating a community where we could unite around our commonalities and celebrate our differences. As a queer Asian woman, she found the strong desire to connect with other people who have experienced marginalization because of simply who they were.  



Embody social justice is the active practice of everyday equity through unbiased compassion towards others, deep dismantling of the systems we participate in and listening of our bodies. Understanding our positionality for the benefit of the greater collective is the active practice of turning outwards to cultivate awareness of our social location, power and privilege and looking deeply at the biases we carry that might cause harm to others.

Embracing our authentic self is the active practice of turning inwards to fight against the narrative that your expression is not good enough and to honor all the identities we hold by showing up in spaces as we are (as safety allows).

Honoring our ancestors and spiritual traditions is the active racial justice practice to not forget where we have come from, the land we are occupying and to continue any history that has been attempted to be erased by white supremacy.

Radical Rest is the active practice of pushing against the capitalist world we were born into and fight the ingrained compulsion to dehumanize ourselves through work.

Joy is Liberation is the understanding that joy is attainable and accessible to us in the present moment and lives within us and is also the radical practice of alchemizing our suffering into joy and light.


GaneshSpace was founded by a team of mindfulness teachers who felt displaced and disempowered within the wellness industry — and the world. Founded in India, raised on Lenape land (NYC) and now breathing online, this passion project grew into a community. We started GaneshSpace because we saw the need to create spaces where people could explore their sense of belonging and wholeness within themselves and the world.

The GaneshSpace network spans across the country with teachers coming from many backgrounds — Black, API, Latinx, white, straight, queer, fat, skinny, she, he, they. It’s with this diverse insight that we have developed a wide range of mindfulness programs that explore the intersections within ourselves and the world.

Our intention is simple: To help people see that personal and collective change can start with your breath.

Kim Thai


Kim Thai (she/her) is an Emmy-award-winning producer; writer, social justice advocate and mindfulness teacher. She founded GaneshSpace because she was seeking a community where she could be her most authentic self in her healing journey. As a queer Asian woman and a proud kid of Vietnamese refugees, she shares Buddhist teachings to help people find the freedom and power that lives within themselves. She has personally experienced how our breath can change the way we see and show up in the world and believes deeply that equity is possible and can be achieved if we start reflecting and taking action now.

Linda Lopes


Linda Lopes is a yoga, meditation, and Reiki practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York serving youth and adults. She discovered her mat a decade ago through a mentor, who she always refers to as the catalyst for change in her life. While in search of happiness, joy, and love; she soon realized that what she and most of us long for can be found within. As a Founding Teacher at GaneshSpace, she actively creates and holds spaces for BIPOC to come together and heal. She strongly believes that it is in power of brave, authentic, trusting, and loving communities that we can create change in the world. .

Sunaina Rangnekar


Sunaina Rangnekar (they/them) is an infinite, multi-dimensional energy incarnated into this material form. They immigrated from India to the unceded ancestral homelands of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe Nations- now colonized as Denver, Colorado. Their yoga practice is deeply rooted in Hinduism and Bhakti. They follow the lineage and teachings of their ancestors and Sri Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Sunaina uses neurodivergent superpowers to create a more community-centered world that focuses on individual healing by embracing our unique truth. They believe that the answer is already within us when choosing self-love, accountability, and awareness. With their unique lens to the yogic path, Sunaina creates spaces to reclaim yoga, decolonize minds, and abolish oppressive systems that affect us at an energetic and societal level.

Tisha Samuels


Tisha Samuels (she/her) is a Founding Teacher of GaneshSpace. She is a a yoga and ayurveda student and teacher in Pittsburgh, PA (originally Iroquios, Lenape and Shawnee land). She strives to create space for students to learn and use mindfulness tools to bring them back to their highest and truest selves and to discover how that affects and connects them with the world around them. Becoming a part of GaneshSpace was a necessity, not a decision. With so much hatred and misunderstanding built within the systems that we live, it is a priority to Tisha to be part of the movement towards collective change. It is true dharma to participate in an organization that is centered around mindful action.

Felipe Gonzalez


Felipe Gonzalez (he/him) is a certified 500 ERYT, Katonah Yoga® teacher, and Founding Teacher at GaneshSpace. Based in Santa Monica, California (Tongva land) he has spent the last six years learning, unlearning, and exploring the intersections of yoga, mindfulness, and social justice. His mission is to rewrite the narrative around wellness and healing. He believes that Yoga is a practice of activism. By allowing oneself to engage in practices and techniques of self awareness, self regulation, and self care, it awakens the desire to make the world a better place than you found it.

Kristina Lopez


Kristina Lopez (she/they) is an artist, death doula, and meditation teacher. Her practice is informed by an intersectional lens dedicated to collective liberation. She intertwines Buddhist philosophy with contemporary theories of anti-racism, anti-capitalism, and sex positivity. She is a second generation Caribbean American born and raised on Lenape land in NYC. As the community manager of GaneshSpace, she believes that mindfulness and activism are both necessary in our search for freedom.


We’re so lucky to be supported by an incredible, compassionate board.


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Board Lead


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Finance/Fundraising Lead

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Marketing/Comms Lead

Abeer Naqvi (she/her)


The better we understand how identities and power work together from one context to another, the less likely our movements for change are to fracture.”
— Kimberle Williams Crenshaw


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