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Monthly Gatherings


Our monthly Dharma Circle is a place to practice meditation, self-reflection and to be in community.

In partnership with Mindful Sights, our API Healing Space is for anyone who identifies as Asian and is looking for a sacred space to come home and connect with the self.

Change Your World

Join our 6-week mindfulness-based social justice training for all. Our program is offered as independent study and to be taken live with our teachers.

Practice, again.

From Black Joy to liberating the body, watch the replay of our Compassionate Conversations where we sit down with experts across the wellness, spiritual and social justice fields to dive deeper into the topics on equity.

Join Our Community

Whether it’s to uplift each other, work through the world together or simply just breathe together, we are here for you. Join our community of people who will celebrate your lived experience and support you in your journey to your highest self.


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